About Me

About Me

Hi there! My name is Mauricio Greene, and I take pride in being the Bonsai Dude. That’s right, bonsai all the way! It all started when my cousin showed me his bonsai tree when I was 14. At first I was totally flabbergasted – I couldn’t believe my eyes. What I saw was this tiny tree, with all its miniature leaves and branches. I remember thinking at that precise moment: yeah right, this thing isn’t real. But then my cousin tells me “Dude, it’s not fake, it’s real”. And I thought wow, …no kidding! I looked at the bonsai tree and marveled at its small size and intricate detail.

About Me

It was something entirely new to me. These amazing tiny trees had an ancient look to them and, don’t ask me how, they just seemed to have this incredible wisdom to them that no other ordinary plant had.

What amazed me most about these trees was their stunning artistic form and the tranquility they inspired. Initially I thought these trees were dwarf trees – that maybe they were from a special species of trees that were naturally tiny. But little did I know, they weren’t. Bonsai trees are created and shaped by careful cutting and pruning that results in their miniature form. That’s the wonderful craft of Bonsai.

First things first, the tree and pot need to be selected to complement one another. So that means that the texture, shape and color of each need to harmonize together to form one unit. The tree has to then be shaped carefully. You can’t just plant the tree in the pot and expect nature to take care of the rest. Do that, and you’re likely to end up with a mess – something that doesn’t even resemble a tree, and chances are, it won’t last anyway.

To create a bonsai tree, you need to shape or prune each and every twig and branch on the tree, until you get the desired miniature form. That doesn’t mean hacking away at it like a madman – it requires careful consideration and delicate handling. And once you have got the desired form, don’t expect it to flourish on its own or by you just gazing at it in awe. Nobody said anything about it being magic. It needs to be maintained and tended to by regular trimming and pruning of the tree.

The art of bonsai basically involves developing miniature sized plants or trees in containers and creating a beautiful form through precise techniques of growing, pruning, and maintaining it.

I believe bonsai is a fun and rewarding occupation to take part in, whether it is as a hobby or a job. People say that bonsai is 90 percent art compared to 10% horticulture. While that is true, it can’t be denied that the end result is an outstanding piece of work that is sure to make other horticulturalists jealous.

My avid interest in bonsai naturally led me to search for more information about it on the net. I did come across many sites, but I was surprized when I couldn’t find any engaging online community. So that’s why I started Bonsai Dude, with the aim to foster a community that is dedicated to the wonderful art of bonsai, as I am. A community that cares and cultivates these amazing plants, and importantly, appreciates the beauty and tranquility they provide. I want to make the best resource there is out there on Bonsai.


  1. Ben says

    Hi just wondering If I could get some help I was looking at starting some bonsai and purchased a few trees. Need some advice on thickening trunk and when to begin moulding the tree would be great if I could get can email to send photos to and explain in detail?
    Thank you love your website

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