Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – Tools and Materials Included

If you are a beginner in bonsai gardening, the most practical way to start with this project is by purchasing a bonsai tree starter kit. These kits contain essential items that you will need to get started in this fascinating and rewarding hobby. You can find various types of tools and materials included in each kit, which may come in different price ranges, as well.

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Common Tools and Materials in a Bonsai Starter Kit

The following are among the items you can expect from a basic starter kit for bonsai gardening.

1. Tree

When deciding on the perfect tree to cultivate and grow, the best option is a specie that grows well in your particular area. Among the best options include Juniper or Japanese Maple trees. These are suitable for beginners because they are not very delicate to grow. If you live in Southeast Asia, you may consider growing the Water Jasmine that is ideal for the climate in your location.

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Photo Credit: Teppei Takahashi via Compfight cc

2. Container

The pot or container is another important item that you should think about in bonsai gardening. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, the right pot can promote the health and growth of your plant. Before you buy a pot, you should first determine where you intend to position the plant such as indoors or outdoors. Ceramic pots tend to deteriorate easily when exposed to extreme weather conditions outdoors, so make sure you choose the right pot material to buy. In addition, you should buy a pot with one or more drainage holes to prevent the roots from rotting.

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3. Soil

The best bonsai soil mixture is essential to maintain the health of your plant. Hence, you should use soil that has excellent water retention properties to hold and retain the right amount of water that your bonsai plant needs. It should also be able to drain excess water and allow good aeration, so your plant can have an access to oxygen. However, certain aspects affect variations in soil mixes such as the tree specie, rainfall and climate, and watering requirements. Thus, experience in using various soil types and ingredients can help you determine the best soil mix for your tree.

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4. Training Wire

Wiring is a special technique that you need to apply when you style and train your bonsai. You are able to reposition and style the branches by wrapping copper wire gently around the branches. Two kinds of training wires are ideal to use such as copper and anodized aluminum. For beginners, the best type of wire to use is the anodized aluminum because it is easy to work with this material. You can also find different gauges that vary from 1 to 8 mm. Keep in mind, though, that you need to remove the wire carefully after a few months just before the it begins to “bite” the branches. This way, you can prevent any scars or marks on the tree.

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Aside from these basic materials, you need to purchase the right bonsai gardening tools for pruning and growing your tree. These tools include wire cutters, drainage mesh, long-handled scissors, bark strippers, and bud scissors. Invest in good quality scissors and keep them sharp, so you can prevent crushing or damaging the branches each time you prune them.


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