The Top 21 Bonsai Tree Sites to Read Today

The Top 21 Bonsai Tree Sites to Read Today

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art form that involves the cultivation of miniature trees in small containers. Other cultures offer similar practices such as penjing, or the Chinese tradition of growing miniature trees. In English, bonsai is an umbrella term for all small trees in pots or containers.

The art of bonsai gardening offers several purposes for the viewer and grower. For instance, it provides viewers with a good subject for contemplation while growers are given the chance to exercise their ingenuity, patience and perseverance. Unlike other common practices of plant cultivation, bonsai gardening is not meant to produce food, medicinal purposes, or create park-size or miniature gardens. Bonsai focuses solely on long-term maintenance and cultivation of small trees that are grown in a container.

Some people assume that dwarfing and bonsai mean the same thing. However, these two topics are different since dwarfing refers to scientific studies, discovery and production of plant cultivars that are genetic miniatures of their existing species. On the other hand, bonsai does not make use of genetically-dwarfed plants.

Instead, this art form focuses on the practice of growing miniature trees from regular seeds and cuttings. To retain the small size of bonsai trees, growers apply cultivation techniques such as defoliation, pruning, potting, root reduction, and grafting in producing smaller trees that resemble the same style and shape of full size trees in the wild.

If you want to learn more about bonsai gardening, then these are top 20 must-read bonsai tree sites. As you read these blogs, you can gain an understanding of this technique from firsthand experiences of experienced and amateur bonsai growers who have made these sites.

1. The Kaizen Bonsai Blog

kaizen bonsai

Kaizen Bonsai offers indispensable tips for amateurs and professional bonsai growers. Aside from tried and tested techniques for bonsai enthusiasts, the site also features several items that may be used in cultivating and growing these lovely miniature trees. There are bonsai gardening tools, growing aids, and other related products available at the site, and these are sold at reasonable prices. So, if you are in search for gardening tips and items you can use in growing your bonsai, this site is a great place to visit.

Must-read topics include:

2. Bonsai Eejit –

bonsai edit

Bonsai Eejit was created by a bonsai enthusiast who aims to provide the public with practical tips and advice on how to grow these charming miniature trees. Created in 2011, the blog serves as the author’s online diary that includes a record of his successes, mistakes and experiences in cultivating bonsai trees. It also encourages readers to share their own stories related to bonsai cultivation and gardening.

Some popular topics in the site are the following:

3. KEW

bonsai blog 3

Kew, or the Royal Botanic Gardens, was established in 1759. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of London’s most-visited attractions, and it is known as the leader in the field of plant science and conservation. The blogs featured in the site focus on a number of topics related to the plant kingdom, and there are also relevant articles pertaining to the art of growing bonsai plants. With the site’s extensive selection of topics about living and preserved plants, as well as essential botanical information, it serves as an online encyclopedia about the plant kingdom and its benefits to humans.

One of the best articles in the site includes:

4. Nichigo Bonsai –

bonsai blog 4

The author is a bonsai specialist who shares practical techniques and strategies to those who are looking to grow their own bonsai trees. Aside from creating insightful blogs about bonsai, the author also delivers workshops, demonstrations and talks to bonsai enthusiasts. Other services provided to interested customers include styling services such as wiring, repotting, seasonal maintenance and heavy bending. A great article featured in the site can be found in this link –

5. Learning 2 Bonsai

bonsai blog 5

Learning 2 Bonsai serves as an online community for bonsai growers who wish to connect with like minded individuals. The site is also an excellent venue for people to share valuable pieces of information and personal experiences in cultivating bonsai. What’s more, there are entertaining quizzes, relevant articles and blogs that will add to your bank of knowledge about bonsai gardening.

Must-read blogs are the following:

6. Walter Pall Bonsai Adventures -

bonsai blog 6

Walter Pall, the author of this blog, was an Austrian-born bonsai enthusiast who started with this hobby in 1980. He is renowned for his spectacular bonsai creations, which also earned him a number of national and international awards. Walter was recognized for his Rocky Mountain Juniper, which was part of the top six finest bonsai trees in the Crespi Cup Award, in Italy. As you read along his blogs, you can gain practical pieces of advice on how to grow and nurture your own bonsai as a hobby.

Insightful articles can be found in these links:

7. Peter Tea Bonsai -

bonsai blog 7

Peter Tea is a bonsai artist and instructor based in San Jose, California. His passion and skills in bonsai cultivation has led him to various parts of the United States, where he provided other bonsai growers with effective strategies in cultivating healthy and attractive miniature trees. This blog features helpful tips and strategies for readers who seek information in growing bonsai based on his experience as a professional instructor and artist.

Some interesting topics in the site include:

8. Bonsai Bark -

bonsai blog 8

Wayne Schoech was the man behind these insightful and information-rich blogs about bonsai gardening. His goal for creating this website is to promote the fascinating art of cultivating bonsai, which is not only an excellent hobby but a form of personal expression. He also shares several how-to projects that will very useful to all bonsai enthusiasts. Learn more about the art of growing bonsai from this link –

9. Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog

bonsai blog 9

Ryan Bell started this blog in 2012, and he has been growing bonsai for about 3 years. His goal is to encourage fellow bonsai enthusiasts to further develop their skills, which he is able to do so by presenting important techniques and tips. He also shares relevant details about the art of bonsai gardening through articles about its history and images to further enhance your understanding of this ancient art form. An exciting topic that bonsai enthusiasts should check out is found here –

10. Indiana Bonsai -

bonsai blog 10

CD Willis, the man behind this blog, was a native of Indiana. He has always been fascinated with bonsai, and his extensive knowledge and experience in growing miniature trees make him an excellent source of information for other bonsai growers around the world. With this blog, he is able to chronicle his adventures and successes in growing his own bonsai trees. If you want to get started in bonsai gardening, then you may want to check out some interesting videos featured in this link –

11. Bonsai Tonight -

bonsai blog 11

Jonas Dupuich, a bonsai enthusiast based in Northern California, decided to start this blog to present his experiences and tips on how to grow and take care of bonsai trees. He studies and writes about fascinating information about bonsai with the help of Boon Manakitivipart, a bonsai expert. Jonas is also a founding member of the reputable Bay Island Bonsai. Learn more about the art of bonsai gardening by checking out –

12. American Bonsai Society (ABS Bonsai) -

bonsai blog 12

The American Bonsai Society (ABS) is an association of like minded individuals who share a passion in the art of bonsai cultivation. Its publications and educational projects help people learn more about interesting techniques in bonsai styling. The ABS also encourages people to use plant species that are best suited for bonsai growing in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

13. Tom’s Bonsai -

bonsai blog 13

Tom has been formally practicing bonsai growing for 2 years, and he is in his second year as a student at the New England Bonsai Gardens’ Kaikou School. This blog features his experiences and everything he has learned from his studies. He also presents the real deal about this hobby, particularly to newbies in bonsai gardening. As he takes readers to the exciting journey of bonsai cultivation, he is able to connect with people who share his passion in growing these lovely miniature trees. Here’s one of the fascinating topics in the site –

14. Crataegus Bonsai -

bonsai blog 14

Michael Hagedorn has always been fascinated with bonsai since he was 15. His interest in the traditional Japanese art form led him to an apprenticeship under Shinji Suzuki, a bonsai master from Nagano Japan. In 2003, he started creating, teaching and writing blogs about bonsai. At present, he teaches locally and internationally while maintaining his clients’ bonsai trees. His blog features recent bonsai projects and essential tips for beginners and professional bonsai growers.

Interesting topics include:

15. Bonsai and Yamadori from Tony Tickle -

bonsai blog 15

Since 1983, Tony has been actively growing bonsai trees such as the Yew, Pine and Hawthorn. He won a Ginkgo Award in 1997, as well as a special recognition in the 1995 European New Talent competition. Presently, he actively demonstrates useful tips and techniques in cultivating bonsai to various societies and organizations in the UK and Europe. His blog features images of exceptional and charming miniature trees coupled with relevant tips that every bonsai grower should know. Find out more about his interesting and enriching articles that certainly add value to all readers.

16. Bonsai Chat -

bonsai blog 16

This forum is dedicated to bonsai enthusiasts who are looking to improve their skills in maintaining and growing their own bonsai trees. There are various topics in this forum where members can impart their knowledge and share their experiences in bonsai gardening. With this online community, people can find a way to learn and extend their knowledge to a wider audience.

17. oF Bonsai Magazine -

bonsai blog 17 2

This online magazine is dedicated to providing information about the artistic principles, technical design aspects, cultivation and examination of bonsai. It also serves as a venue where essential details about bonsai growing can be presented to readers in a straightforward and professional manner. The site is maintained by Paul Stokes, an avid bonsai grower. By reading his blogs about the art of growing and maintaining bonsai trees you will be able to improve your skills as a beginner in this hobby.

18. The Lovely Plants -

 bonsai blog 18

Lovely Plants is the author’s personal blog about the cultivation of bonsai trees. Aside from bonsai, there are helpful tips on how to grow other types of plants such as creepers, bulbous, perennials and shrubs. This blog also offers practical advice on how to grow bonsai using the right soil mixture, styling and growing techniques. Among the different interesting topics in this site include tips on how to prepare compost and how to grow plants during the summer.

19. Bonsai Dreams

bonsai blog 19

Thinking of growing your own bonsai tree? Whether you are a beginner looking for a simple bonsai project, or a professional who needs additional tips on how to improve your skills in growing bonsai, this site is definitely something that can be helpful to you. Bonsai Dreams offers interesting tips that you can use in cultivating these lovely miniature trees including the right pot for your plant, advice on pruning and wiring, and practically everything you need to know to grow healthy and attractive bonsai trees that can improve the ambiance in your outdoor space.

20. Bonsai for Beginners -

bonsai blog 20

Growing bonsai is a fascinating and worthwhile hobby, yet it can be a bit challenging for beginners who basically have no experience in this field. If you are one of those who are just starting in this exciting craft of cultivating your own bonsai tree, then this blog is for you. Its tagline “for beginners, by beginners” speaks so much about what you can expect from this site, as it is a great resource for amateurs in bonsai gardening. There are relevant articles and photos of adorable bonsai trees created by beginners just like you.

Inspiring articles can be found in these links (to name a few):

21. Bonsai4Me-

bonsai blog 21

I want to add one more the list. I just recently discovered Harry Harrington’s bonsai site and to say the least I am quite impressed. I have learned a lot in a short time reading his articles on different bonsai species.

So, gather your gardening tools, prepare your cuttings or seeds, check out these amazing sites, and get started in this exciting hobby of bonsai cultivation!

Bonus Site:

bonsai empire logo

Another great site run by Oscar. It has a huge collection of rare bonsai trees that are amazing to look at. His infographics and big lists are a huge inspiration for this site.

I hope one day my site grows to be as big as his.

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